Gain The Competitive Advantage By Attracting & Retaining Millennials!
  • 1: The Generational Difference
  • 2: Things to Know About Millennials 
  • 3: The Millennial Workplace Challenge 
  • 4: The Millennial Hiring & On Boarding Process 
  • 5: Retention of the Millennial Worker 
  • 6: The Millennial Profile 
  • 7: 10 Ways To Engage Millennials 
  • 8: The Millennial Realities 
  • 9: What We Know About The Millennial Worker 
  • 10: Inside the Mind of the Millennial 
  • 11: Turning The Millennial Worker Into A Great Leader 
  • 12: Review
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Information Alone Is Not Enough!
Let me explain to you what"The Millennial Effect" is and how it will help you.

  • This on-line training program helps you with how to attract, retain and engage Millennials in your business. 
  •  You will learn hiring strategies that will help engage the Millennials from the day they are hired by your organization.  
  •  This on-line program will help your leaders better understand the Millennial needs so your company will be able to understand the "keys to success" when working with Millennials.  
  •  You will learn how to maximize retention strategies to help you retain Millennials.  
  •  Allow you to discover areas you need to change in your organization in hiring, retaining and engaging the Millennials.  
  •  And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with "The Millennial Effect"! 
 Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to learn attraction strategies that will enhance your company in hiring talented Millennials into your organization instantly? 

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