Gain The Competitive Advantage By Attracting & Retaining Top Talent!
  • 1: When Hiring Goes Bad
  • 2: Where To Start
  • 3: How Vision Plays A Big Role
  • 4: Connect With The Mission
  • 5: Why Goals Are Important
  • 6: Getting The Team Involved
  • 7: Starting At The Core
  • 8: Knowing How To Look For Your Next Superstar
  • 9: The Best Interview Strategies
  • 10: Filtering Out Low Performers
  • 11: Starting Out Right
  • 12: How To Keep Your Team Engaged
  • 13: Holding On To The Best
  • 14: Review
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Bonus Purchase for buying immediately: We will add our Coaching For Success Program ($197 value)
Coaching For Success Training Program Icon
Bonus Purchase for buying immediately: We will add our Workplace Communication Analyzer program ($497 value)
Information Alone Is Not Enough!
Let me explain to you what"The Success In Hiring Framework" is and how it will help you.

  • The Success in Hiring™ framework is an amazing tool for facilitating great hiring decisions allowing any organization to increase its productivity and profitability.   
  •  This game-changing program shortens the learning curve allowing you to realize an immediate benefit. Leverage our years of experience for YOUR gain.
  •  It includes over 600 Behavior-based interview questions matched to 60+ employee core competencies allowing your interviews to be laser focused and productive.
  •  The program comes alive in your organization with our editable and customizable forms. These PDF and Word forms were designed for you to easily personalize and reflect your corporate profile. 
 “We were thrilled by the benefit that came from using the "Success in Hiring" model published by Ascend. This model allowed us to very easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates we interviewed and was a very valuable tool in helping us find the right person for the job. Going forward, we will be using this model for all of our important hires.” - Stephen J

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