The Influence and Trust Builder is a powerful look at
how and why some people are able to gain a great level
of influence in their lives while others falter.
  • 1: Learn why people aren’t more influential than they are. Discover barriers and strategies to overcome them.
  • 2: Part 1 and Part 2 examine Persuasion and how it is both like and unlike influence. Explore the techniques of successful Persuasion
  • 3: At the heart of every great Influencer is the knowledge that everything hinges on relationships. Learn what you should take into consideration when establishing and growing relationships.
  • 4: It is important to have others view you in the highest and best light possible. This 2 part lesson gives you the strategies needed to raise other’s view of you higher!
  • 5: Nothing is more important when building healthy relationships and growing your influence then Trust. In this 2 part series you find everything you need to know to not only establish trust but re-establish trust that has been damaged.
  • 6: A Paradigm is a way of looking at things. When thinking about Influence you as a leader and those you are trying to influence will have to go through some paradigm shifts. These 2 videos walk you through how to make that happen smoothly.
  • 7: Clarity is an often overlooked aspect that really helps an individual gain a position of Influence with others. Learn how to gain the level of clarity needed to be impactful.
  • 8: Now that you have learned so many new strategies, it is time to review!
Whether you are a leader within an organization or leading your family through life, leaving a positive legacy will require you to understand two things: Influence and Trust. This strategy packed series will explore how to make sure you are taking the steps needed to ensure that those you impact with your leadership are getting your very best, all of the time.
We should never forget that Influence is always active. You are either negatively influencing someone or positively influencing someone all day, every day when you are around them. Those that have very little positive influence over those they lead are individuals that have five general traits that prevent them from having a long-lasting positive influence with those close to them:
1. They neglect building relationships based on the good of the other person.
2. There is a general disconnect from those around them unless they want something.
3. Self and self-gain is what they are concerned with and have little room for anyone else.
4. Inconsistency marks how their decisions are perceived.
5. Their reputation is one of looking out for self and not standing behind what they say or do.

In this course Rod Long will take you through an introduction video as well as 13 lessons and provide you with the materials that will enable you to develop all the skills needed to become a positive influence in the lives around you!

Rodney Long, Coach, Trainer and Speaker has been in the fields of Leadership and Team Development, Executive Coaching, Ministry, Business Mentoring and Facilitating for over 20 years. He is a published author and has successfully trained and developed some of today’s top Leaders. Rod believes in today's Business World, all competitive edges have been neutralized, except one: Your People!

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