• 1: Introduction To The Leadership Communication Loop
  • 2: Effective Communication
  • 3: Generational Characteristics
  • 4: Connecting With Generations
  • 5: Barriers Of Communication Part 1
  • 6:  Barriers Of Communication Part 2
  • 7: Active Listening
  • 8: The Communication Loop
  • 9: Written Communication
  • 10: Review Of The Millennial Effect
The Leadership Communication Loop is a series that everyone should take to benefit them in their professional and personal life! The challenge we face is while communication is something we do every day, we seem to get worse at instead of better! 

We have become a society which is moving further away from face-to-face communication and relying more on various other forms of technology. While some would say that shows we are progressing, it also shows that human interaction is fading. Nothing is as impacting and effective as face-to-face interactions when you are needing to influence change and performance directions.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to successful communication strategies being implemented in an organization? Time? Money? Follow-up? While all of these are important and do have some impact, the largest obstacles are getting management and owners to understand there is a need and how important successful and effective communication truly is. 

A SMB Communications study showed that in January 2009 the cumulative cost per worker per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers equaled $26, 041. Common sense tells us that if the communication barriers stayed the same or lessened a bit, the cost of labor will continue to increase. We need to get communication correct.

In this course you will discover an introduction video as well as 8 lessons as well as the materials and strategies to improve your communication.

Gary Wilbers a highly accomplished entrepreneur has now decided to share his knowledge and experience with you. This is the solution he implements in his business and teaches to his business coaching and leadership training clients. Are you ready to increase your productivity and save one hour each day? Let me show you how!

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